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Santiago Landslide Video

Public Knowledge Survey

A public knowledge survey regarding the Santiago GHAD was hand-distributed to property owners within the Santiago GHAD on November 25, 2019. A hard copy of the survey was mailed to property owners who do not reside at the situs address within the GHAD, but own the property within the GHAD.  Linked below is a copy of the survey.

Santiago GHAD Public Knowledge Survey

Santiago GHAD Public Knowledge Survey Results

Santiago GHAD Boundary Map

FEMA Hazard Grant Mitigation Program Subapplication

As discussed at previous board meetings and informational workshops, the GHAD is seeking FEMA funding via CalOES to implement a long-term mitigation solution that reduces reliance dewatering facilities for the purpose of landslide stabilization. Some continued dewatering may be necessary for seepage management.  The completed and anticipated timeline for this application is as follows:

May 9, 2023– Submitted Notice of Interest to receive funding for proposed mitigation project.

May 25, 2023– Notified by CalOES that Notice of Interest was accepted.

August 4, 2023– Submitted Subapplication to CalOES for proposed mitigation project.

August 11, 2023– Received RFI#1 from CalOES for proposed mitigation project.

August 16, 2023– Submitted responses to RFI#1 to CalOES.

August 30, 2023– Received RFI#2 from CalOES for proposed mitigation project.

September 7, 2023– Submitted responses to RFI#2 to CalOES.

Early 2024– Anticipated notice if CalOES approves the GHAD’s proposed mitigation project and submit to FEMA for final decision.

Early-mid 2025– Receive notice if FEMA awards CalOES funds for the GHAD’s proposed mitigation project (dependent upon CalOES approval and submittal to FEMA).

Mid -to Late 2025– If funding is awarded, anticipated 100% design and construction kick-off for the long-term mitigation solution.

Mid- to Late 2026– If funding is awarded, anticipated construction completion of the long-term mitigation solution.

Subapplication and Supporting Documentation

2023 Assessment Vote Results

The 2023 Assessment Vote did pass.

The weighted vote resulted in 78.81% of tabulated ballots with a Yes vote and 21.19% of tabulated ballots with a No vote for the budget of $306,800 as presented in the Engineer’s Report dated June 5, 2023, revised June 7, 2023.

A total of 203 ballots were tallied with 143 Yes votes and 60 No votes, which resulted in 70.44% of tabulated ballots with Yes votes and 29.56% of tabulated ballots with No votes.

Approved Engineer’s Report and Proposed Assessment

The Santiago GHAD Board of Directors approved an Engineer’s Report for the proposed assessment within the Santiago GHAD. The Engineer’s Report dated June 5, 2023, revised June 7, 2023, was approved with Resolution 2023/09.  See additional information related to the assessment on the Assessment tab at the top of the homepage or click here.

Approved Engineer’s Report

Assessment Vote Ballot Tracker

Linked below is a spreadsheet of all the ballots mailed out to those within the Santiago GHAD. This spreadsheet will be updated as the ballots are received in real time throughout the upcoming weeks leading up to the Public Hearing on July 27, 2023.

Received Ballot Tracker

Arbitration between SGHAD and City of Anaheim

The arbitration hearing between the Santiago GHAD and the City of Anaheim was held on January 30, 2023. Documents related to the arbitration process and hearing, including the final award, are linked below.

Anaheim Hills Planned Community Responsibilities

Army Corps of Engineers Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study Information

We have been notified that the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is conducting a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) at Formerly Used Defense Site Former (FUDS) project at Irvine Park – Army Camp (MRS01 – Range Complex), FUDS Project # J09CA712901 which includes some parcels within the Santiago Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD).  The US Army Corps of Engineers completed a Site Inspection (SI) in 2011 and as a result it was decided to perform further site investigation under Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS).  In order for the US Army Corps of Engineers to perform proper RI/FS in the area, they may seek permission to enter private property.  If the USACE decides to conduct any investigation on parcels after obtaining the property owner’s permission, some soil samples (small amount) will be taken from undeveloped/un-landscaped area in their property. As indicated, the sampling will not be very intrusive. Below is more information regarding the US Army Corps of Engineers’ work in this area. The Santiago GHAD is providing this notification for information only and is not involved in any of the investigation activities.

Executive Summary

Supplemental Information

Board Meetings

Regular Session

Monday, June 17, 2024.

6:00 p.m.

Oak Room

East Anaheim Community Center

8201 East Santa Ana Canyon Road

Anaheim, CA 92808

Via computer:

Meeting ID: 848 2992 5426

Passcode: 523259


How to Submit Public Comments and Logon to the Zoom meeting

Board Meeting Documents

Meeting agendas are posted 72 hours before the board meeting on this website and on the lamppost formerly labeled “59085D” on the east side of street on Williams Circle, near the intersection of Williams Circle and Serrano Avenue.

Board of Directors

During the 2022 election cycle, three Board of Director positions were eligible for election. Only one Director submitted candidacy for reelection and one property owner within the GHAD submitted candidacy for one of the positions, leaving one position vacant. The property owner rescinded candidacy, therefore two positions were vacant leading up to the 2022 election. Since the number of candidates who applied was less than the number of eligible positions, only one director was appointed, and two positions remained vacant. Furthermore, since one candidate submitted and then rescinded candidacy, that position can only be filled by election in 2024, while the other position that did not receive any candidates can be appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. On August 8, 2023, the Orange County Board of Supervisors appointed Marc Schwering to serve as a Board of Director for the Santiago GHAD.

In the 2024 election cycle, three Board of Director positions will be eligible for election.

As of May 2024, one boardmember resigned from the Board of Directors. This position is up for election in 2024; however, an appointment for this position can only occur within 60 days from the notice of resignation, and the appointment will last through the end of the calendar year. The appointee may be reelected in the November 2024 election, as long as candidacy is submitted through Orange County Registrar of Voters. The Notice of Vacancy can be found here. If you are interested in being appointed for this vacancy, please complete and return the application linked here.

Santiago GHAD Election Procedure for November 2024 can be found here.

Chair: Vacant- term expires 2024

Alternate Chair: Hillard Kaplan– term expires 2026

Boardmember:  James Guziak– term expires 2024

Boardmember: Marc Schwering– term expires 2026

Boardmember: Vacant- term expires 2026, will be up for election in 2024 for 2-year term

GHAD Staff

Clerk: Karen Holthe, Cardinal Property Management

Treasurer: Dave Fernandez, GHAD Treasurer, Inc.

Manager: Matt Swanson, ENGEO Incorporated

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