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On January 5, 1999, the Anaheim City Council formed the Santiago Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) with the approval of Resolution No. 99R-50. The Santiago GHAD was formed to stabilize past, present, and future land movement of the Santiago landslide. Since 1996, stabilization of the Santiago landslide has been accomplished by continual removal of groundwater through actively pumping wells and horizontals drains. These responsibilities are detailed in the Plan of Control and Addendum for the Santiago GHAD. The Plan of Control is the guidance documents for management of the GHAD’s responsibilities. The Board of Directors for the Santiago GHAD are elected from five property owners within the GHAD.

Settlement monies are currently used to fund operations of the Santiago GHAD. As summarized below and detailed in the Santiago GHAD Plan of Control, site improvements for which the GHAD provides monitoring and maintenance are:

  • Vertical groundwater pumping and observation wells.
  • Horizontal drains.
  • Inclinometers.

The GHAD does not own property and is not responsible for general maintenance of open-space areas (vegetation management for fire suppression, litter, or graffiti removal, etc.).

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